Medium: Sculpture

Haji Miranda

Haji Miranda's sculptural imaginings reflect a life spent in exploration of what drives and inspires people, cultures and beliefs… Her imagery captures our imaginations as it tells tales of human souls, in all our bizarre

Val Hunt Fine Art

Bill Colligen Fine Art

Raised on a New Hampshire dairy farm, Bill Colligen spent his childhood attuned to the ebb and flow of country life. During abeyance from daily chores he was often found in Nature documenting his milieu.

Judith Mariner

Judith Mariner is an artist working and living in Tucson, Arizona. Judith grew up in Phoenix during the “dark ages” of the 1950’s and survived. She attended the University of Arizona on full scholarship and

Truth Pottery

Stuart Goldberg came to Tucson in 1968, where he establish his pottery studio. He is still an active Potter and teaches at Tucson City Parks. He recently went back in the arts and has been

Jimmy Descant, Severe ReConstructivist

As a Severe ReConstructivist, I started creating assemblage art in 1996 in New Orleans after a 15 year career as a roadie, pinball machine refurbisher, mechanic, salesman… Then I saw in the parts found at

Ash Dahlke

Ash Dahlke is a mixed media artist and educator currently working in Bisbee, AZ. She received her Masters of Fine Arts in Painting from the University of Arizona in 2019 and received her Bachelor of

Martha Retallick

While I was in high school, I made a discovery that would change my artistic life. Simply put, I just wasn’t good at drawing or painting. Sculpture? Forget it. Ceramics? Meh. Printmaking? Nope. Photography? Well,

Jesse Berlin

Jesse Berlin has been an avid sculptor from early childhood. He received a Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts from the SAIC and an MFA in Sculpture from SIUC where he specialized in figurative sculpture. While

Spencer Kane Edgerton