Medium: Photography

Evelyn Madrid

Tucson Native, Evelyn Madrid has been inspired by the desert landscapes, Western heritage, and travels around the world. Evelyn’s passion for art started at a young age and developed throughout the years. Recently Evelyn has


Creative Exposures Photo

My photography journey started in high school, with a used Canon given to me by my father, along with a slip of paper describing the exposure triangle. Coupled with the artistic influence of my mother,

Suzanne Sahakian Photography

My photographs are colorful expressions of life as I see it, whether urban scenes, landscapes, macro blooms or photo collages. I work to create what I saw and felt when I took the shot, the

Doreen E. Valenza

I was a Visual Merchandising professional, a curator of store exhibitions, a field in which I could express myself artistically. I was a “visual artist who arranges objects in space”. Worked as Visual Merchandising Director

Martha Retallick

While I was in high school, I made a discovery that would change my artistic life. Simply put, I just wasn’t good at drawing or painting. Sculpture? Forget it. Ceramics? Meh. Printmaking? Nope. Photography? Well,

Irene V. Martinelli / Artfully Yours

The very long path to where I am today began as a child who dared to put red and pink together. “They don’t go together!”, “Oh, yes they do.”. Sixty-five plus years later, a lifetime