Medium: Photography

Judy Engle

A year ago I moved to Tucson from Philadelphia and I’m very excited about this opportunity to become part of the art community here. I am a self-taught artist who for decades has been developing

Jeff Smith

I have lived in Arizona for most of my life. Inspired by my father, I picked up my first camera at the age of five and have yet to put one down. I have pursued

Renée Purdie

My name is Renée Purdie and I grew up in Tucson, Arizona. I lived overseas in Melbourne, Australia for 12 years where I started my career in marketing and editing. I created a communications firm

DE Valenza

As a child, vacations to the southwest had a major influence on me and later, my artworks. Throughout my life I was drawn to the desert. The desert was always unconsciously there, even my childhood dinnerware was

Suzanne Sahakian Photography

My photographs are colorful expressions of life as I see it, whether urban scenes, landscapes, macro blooms or photo collages. I work to create what I saw and felt when I took the shot, the

Parallax Art

Joe Patterson was born before the end of WW-II in a little town in New Mexico called Hot Springs. The town soon changed its name to Truth or Consequences. He has always considered this an

Martha Retallick

While I was in high school, I made a discovery that would change my artistic life. Simply put, I just wasn’t good at drawing or painting. Sculpture? Forget it. Ceramics? Meh. Printmaking? Nope. Photography? Well,

Nivek Rayne Wrks LLC

I became an artist at a young age, due to both my parents nurturing that ability as they were both in the arts themselves. I believe strongly that anyone can be an artist as long

William Lesch

I live and work in an adobe home, studio, and courtyard/gallery I built myself, by hand, in downtown Tucson. I have lived in this home for over 35 years, putting down roots, raising a family,

Linda Mann

Linda Mann is an author, photographer, and artist. She grew up in the South enjoying the mild weather and lots of time outdoor. Art was always an important part of her life but she choose