Medium: Painting

Liz Vaughn

Lisa Scadron

Encouraged by her parents and grandfather, a painter, Lisa Scadron began oil painting lessons at age eight and has been making art ever since. A native of Tucson, Arizona, she has exhibited artwork in the

Adia Jamille

As long as she can remember Adia Jamille has been creating. It’s the one thing that has always come naturally to her. Throughout her life time she has explored various art forms, drawing, painting, foundry,

Tracy Brown Art

Tracy Brown was born and raised outside of Detroit, Michigan. Tracy believes in the ability of art to transform and bridge minds into understanding and unity. She moved to the desert to teach and make

Katie Cooper

Katie Cooper uses room installations and works on canvas, paper, and wood to explore both formal composition and the interweaving of physical and nonphysical realities. A working artist for most of her life, Cooper earned

La Mariposa Fashions

Crystal Beltran was born and raised in Tucson, A. She is a cancer survivor, and proud mother. At a very young age her grandmother taught Crystal how to hand sew and it inspired her to

Kimberly Castro, The Street Corner Gallery

Kimberly Castro is a local Tucson artist who has lived in Tucson for over 30 years. Kimberly developed her love for the Arts at a very young age. During the summer of her teenage years,


Andrea Pro

Life in the desert feels like a daydream. It feels warm, inviting, and nostalgic. This energy is what I aim to capture in my work. My driving force as an artist is the need to

Meredith Milstead

Meredith grew up in a military family surrounded by the art and architecture of foreign countries. From an early age, she was singled out by teachers and peers as a creative, artistic type. She attended

Kathy Keler

Born in Budapest, Hungary, Kathy Keler has lived most of her life in the United States. She received a B.A. from Bryn Mawr College, and lived in Washington DC for three decades, where she organized