Medium: Other

Marsha Barron

I’m a painter currently living in Tucson, Arizona. I primarily work in watercolor, but I have used many mediums in my past work from oils to ceramics and photography. My current work is an exploration

Catherine Eyde Artwork

As a kid, I was always planning my next “adventure”. One moment, I’d be organizing a neighborhood play complete with hand-made costumes, props, and entry tickets, then, after the curtain closed, I’d be in a

Jeff Smith

I have lived in Arizona for most of my life. Inspired by my father, I picked up my first camera at the age of five and have yet to put one down. I have pursued

Katie Cooper

Katie Cooper uses room installations and works on canvas, paper, and wood to explore both formal composition and the interweaving of physical and nonphysical realities. A working artist for most of her life, Cooper earned

Kathy Keler

Born in Budapest, Hungary, Kathy Keler has lived most of her life in the United States. She received a B.A. from Bryn Mawr College, and lived in Washington DC for three decades, where she organized

Dale Wesner

Since my youth I have been Intrigued with art and architecture. I enjoy using clay as a medium to build distinctive forms that accentuate and bring purpose to their surroundings. The appeal of positive and

Agave Pantry LLC

My name is Shazieh and I am a baker and potter living in Tucson, Arizona. Agave Pantry began in December of 2018, offering handcrafted baked goods, pottery, infused salt, sugar and spice blends along with

Christina Thomas

Rachel Christine Nelson

I’m still not sure how I became an artist. It was a process to discover that I was, and it continues to be something I come to terms with. At my very darkest moments, it