Medium: Other

Catherine Eyde

As a child, Catherine Eyde had to find ways to dream herself out of her simple midwestern life (often dragging a few neighbor kids with her) into a fantasy otherworld where she could explore limitless

Christina Thomas

Kathy Keler

Born in Budapest, Hungary, Kathy Keler has lived most of her life in the United States. She received a B.A. from Bryn Mawr College, and lived in Washington DC for three decades, where she organized

Rachel Christine Nelson

I’m still not sure how I became an artist. It was a process to discover that I was, and it continues to be something I come to terms with. At my very darkest moments, it

Jeff Smith

Janny Taylor

Janny Taylor is an award-winning internationally shown artist whose current series, “Pandemic Portraits,” has already received critical acclaim from art critic, Lori Waxman, of the Chicago Tribune for her 60 Words Per Minute project. Waxman


Bushido Studio

As a Latino born in Tucson Arizona, I grew up surrounded by a deep culture of art and heritage. I always had a fascination in low-riders, graffiti art, and the massive murals of aztec warriors