Medium: Mixed Media 2D & 3D

RocknW Art Studio

Sharon Wysocki was born in Detroit, MI. It wasn’t until a move to Flint ignited her artistic vision. She was one of the artists in the Buckham Fine Arts movement which included filmmaker, Michael Moore.

Tracy Brown

Tracy Brown was born and raised outside of Detroit, Michigan and obtained a BFA with a major in art education from Michigan State University in 2005. She has been an artist teacher for the past

Catherine Eyde

As a child, Catherine Eyde had to find ways to dream herself out of her simple midwestern life (often dragging a few neighbor kids with her) into a fantasy otherworld where she could explore limitless

Christina Thomas

Jaya Miller

My introduction to art was from my father and grandmother on the other side. I grew up being an artist. I would rather call it ‘making art’. I am making art, I find making art

Tanya Joiner Slate

I have been creative for most of my life. As a child growing up on a farm in North Louisiana, my favorite toys were Crayons, a Lite-Brite, and a Spirograph. I didn’t learn that I

Mary Ellen Palmeri

John Bennett

Born and raised in Tucson, AZ. Artist, illustrator, graphic designer, and teacher. Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Arizona’s, Fine Arts College, 2-Dimensional Emphasis. John Bennett was inspired to create from a young


Tony Di Angelis

Tony Di Angelis has been painting since age 5 and began exhibiting his art in grade school competitions. His work is represented in several collections, mostly in Southern California. In 2008 he relocated his studio

Rachel Christine Nelson

I’m still not sure how I became an artist. It was a process to discover that I was, and it continues to be something I come to terms with. At my very darkest moments, it