Medium: Home/Decor

Lisa Scadron

Encouraged by her parents and grandfather, a painter, Lisa Scadron began oil painting lessons at age eight and has been making art ever since. A native of Tucson, Arizona, she has exhibited artwork in the

Tu Kaets Studios


Creative Exposures Photo

My photography journey started in high school, with a used Canon given to me by my father, along with a slip of paper describing the exposure triangle. Coupled with the artistic influence of my mother,

Lynn Rae Lowe

Tamara Scott Anderson Designs

Tamara creates distinctive and unique woven fiber wall sculptures. Her journey of a thousand stitches began with a passion for working with fabric, fiber and a continuing desire to explore the possibilities. Tamara is fascinated

Lauri Kaye / Create For The People

Fine artist, Lauri Marks Kaye, enjoys wandering around Tucson in search of great coffee shops in which to take up residence to do her drawings while enjoying endless cups of coffee. She is passionately committed