Medium: Fiber/Textile

Adia Jamille

As long as she can remember Adia Jamille has been creating. It’s the one thing that has always come naturally to her. Throughout her life time she has explored various art forms, drawing, painting, foundry,

Desert Ehrhart of Desert Winds Arts

Desert Ehrhart knew they wanted to be an artist since their early childhood and let that interest flourish through their youth and teen years. Once out on their own as an adult, they took a

Karen Lukacs

Reimagining textiles and manipulating them into functional forms has been a consistent exploration in my studio for the past 20 years. I reach for a timeless design aesthetic that is crafted to last for generations.

Tamara Scott Anderson Designs, LLC

Tamara Scott Anderson, Artist Statement I have been working as an artist for over 30 years. With contemplative intention, I bring together a blend of weaving, dying, stitching and beading to create unique 3-dimensional textile

Anne Marie LaVigne

If we allow it, life is ever pointing us toward unexpected possibilities. For me, that's included global traveling, professional speaking, authoring several technical books, and facilitating/teaching children and adults. After 30 years working in education,

La Mariposa Fashions

Crystal Beltran was born and raised in Tucson, A. She is a cancer survivor, and proud mother. At a very young age her grandmother taught Crystal how to hand sew and it inspired her to

Judith Austen

Born and raised in the New York City area, Ms. Austen received a BFA from Pratt Institute and an MFA from Boston University. After moving to Tucson five years ago, she has been painting a

Kathy Baker-Addy

Roxanne Rossi

In moving my residence, after a lifetime in Colorado, my mantra was, “Grow where you are planted.” This mantra continues, while also knowing it does take time to really root in a new place. After

Laura Tanzer

My work is an ongoing experimentation that begins with sourcing natural fiber, sustainably sourced textiles. Then I create very cool one of a kind & limited edition clothing – draped, cut & sewn with particular