Medium: Drawing

Marcy Ellis

Through delicate lines of ink and watercolor, Marcy Ellis draws inspiration from flora, the natural world, and the female form. Her work explores the connection of landscape, spirit, space and undermines established clichés of femininity,

Mica Brinson

I am a Tucson based artist with a fascination with the natural world and how humans, geometry and numbers are integrated into the world we see and experience everyday. My work is typically done on

Giddings Art Studio

Eledel Osorio Giddings was born and grew up in a small town by the sea in the Philippines to a family where artistic talent was nurtured. She now lives in Tucson with her husband and

Terri Gay

I’m an almost Arizona native–been here since I was three. I earned a graphic design/studio art BFA at the University of Arizona, then worked nights as a paste up artist until I returned to the

Janet K Burner/ Sabino Stoneware Pottery

ARTIST STATEMENT 2020 Clay as Art is my goal and inspiration. The human figure, my life’s experiences, and images from nature fascinate my imagination; smooth surfaces, texture, movement, and contrasts are often incorporated. I believe

Ryan Hill

Leah Albert

I am fascinated by paints’ ability to capture psychological landscapes and fleeting emotions within it’s decorative surface. I graduated from a small figurative art college in the Northeast about a decade ago, and since moving

Howard Kline

With his charming and expressive watercolors, artist Howard Kline reduces the complex and sometimes self-serious world of art to the simplest common denominator. A 1977 graduate of Montserrat College of Art, Kline’s uplifting paintings are

Betina Fink

Irene V. Martinelli / Artfully Yours

The very long path to where I am today began as a child who dared to put red and pink together. “They don’t go together!”, “Oh, yes they do.”. Sixty-five plus years later, a lifetime