Medium: Ceramic


Lisa Agababian

Ellen Campbell

I have always been interested in abstraction and find that through non-representational form I am able to create external expressions of internal experiences. My work draws inspiration from a variety of traditions that, throughout time,

Terry Parker / Loma Prieta Pottery

My work with clay began as a serious hobby in the mid-70s when I discovered a love of making and using functional pottery. I was taught by my mother to draw and use watercolor as

Happily Becoming / Lisa Falk

I find creativity and beauty all around me. This past year I moved my studio to my back patio where I’ve enjoyed the early morning or evening light, flowers in the garden, and the birds

Tu Kaets Studios

Rebecca Paradies

As a child, I would play in the garden creating mud huts and pathways for my troll dolls. I would make clothing out of leaves, twigs and whatever natural materials I could find. I was

Janet K Burner/ Sabino Stoneware Pottery

ARTIST STATEMENT 2020 Clay as Art is my goal and inspiration. The human figure, my life’s experiences, and images from nature fascinate my imagination; smooth surfaces, texture, movement, and contrasts are often incorporated. I believe

Joni Pevarnik

I got my BFA in Ceramics at NAU in 1980. My husband Steve and I then moved to Tucson where we have been working potters since then. I display my work in various galleries around

Andree Richmond

I always had the urge to make things. This first manifested in the usual predictable areas of sewing and stitchery, then moved on to other media. The propensity to create has been with me always

Maxine Krasnow / Tucson Clay Co-op

I enjoy the challenge of creating useful pots to enrich and celebrate the mundane rituals of daily life and to make them holy. I have been making pots for over 40 years. My primary influences