Continuously updated FAQs for Open Studio Tours artists and attendees.

ARTIST FAQs (Note: Registration is now closed.)

Does it cost anything to register for Open Studio Tours?
No, it is free to register and participate however additional promotional materials (besides those already provided by the Arts Foundation) are available for an added fee.
Where is Open Studio Tours located?
Open Studio Tours will take place in artist studios across Pima County.
What is a Featured Artist and what does it include?
**CLOSED** The first 25 artists to sign up as a Featured Artist (for a fee of $50) will receive 100 free Open Studio Tours event postcards, image featured on the front page of the Open Studio Tours website, and designation of Featured Artist on artist page, tour page, and Zocalo map.
I don't currently have a studio. Should I still register?
Yes! If you do not have a studio, please still complete the Open Studio Tours Artist Registration. When asked about how you will participate, select the option that says “I will be participating but do not have a studio of my own. I will need to be matched to available studio space by the Arts Foundation.” We will then contact you after registration closes to pair you available studio space.
I work out of the same studio as other artists. Should we register as a group or individually?
Open Studio Tours recommends that you register individually. If registered individually, each artist will have their own Artist Page instead of a shared page and will be mentioned separately on the map at that studio address. More artists registered at the same address show that it is a hub of working artists which might not be conveyed if multiple people are registered under one artist’s name.
Are galleries, businesses, organizations, etc able to register for Open Studio Tours?
Open Studio Tours is intended to be, as the name implies, an opportunity for artists to open their working studios to visitors. Arts Foundation therefore determined, based on the intention of the tour and feedback from participants that the Open Studio Tours should me limited to artists creating work in studio spaces. Spaces that have working artist studios can encourage their individual members/artists to apply for themselves, within their own working studio space. Please keep in mind that artists who apply to participate must be present both days of the tour, and are encouraged to show works-in-progress. In encouraging a focus on working artists in their studio spaces, Arts Foundation is focusing on the goal of inviting visitors into working studios, free-of-charge, to directly engage with working artists and to learn more about the artistic process.
How do I find out what Ward/District my studio is located in?
For a map of Wards (1-6) in Tucson go to https://www.tucsonaz.gov/gov/ward-maps and for a map of Districts (1-5) in Pima County go to https://webcms.pima.gov/UserFiles/Servers/Server_6/File/Map%20Room/SupervisorialDistricts/allpc_bosdist.pdf- .
Can I register for Open Studio Tours on paper?
Registration is only available online. If you do not have a computer or internet access, both are resources available at any Pima County Public Library location. Find the library nearest to you here: Pima County Public Library


Does it cost anything to attend Open Studio Tours?
No, it does not cost anything to attend. Art may be available for purchase at studio locations.
What is the purpose of Open Studio Tours?
Open Studio Tours open up working artists’ studios to the public so attendees can see works-in-progress in the context to which they are made. These tours create a greater understanding of the work and skill required to create great art.