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About the Artist

William Touhey is a figurative sculptor from Tucson, AZ. His sculpture focuses on the portrayal of internalized traumas and psychic tensions through sublime forms, gestures and surreal composition. The work is usually non-narrative, focusing on encapsulating a singular moment, thought or idea. His current body of work focuses on our reliance on technology for communication and socialization, exponentially sped up by our collective isolation caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. This body of work, Digital Identity, investigates the tensions that exist within this new social paradigm shift while simultaneously celebrating the emerging possibilities for creativity and collaboration.

Pronouns: He/Him

William Touhey
Photo credit: Clifford Deloupe

About the Process

In the past my work consisted of figurative modeling with clay and mold making and casting for producing the final object. My process has always relied on a lot of studio driven experimentation to create form and effect. This would often entail a cumbersome process of sculptural collage, cutting up and piecing together a clay or plaster model many times over before achieving a desired outcome. Recently, I began modeling using 3d modeling software. In many ways my new work flow utilizes digital modeling and printing in familiar ways while allowing more freedom to edit, combine and delete at will without the burden of wasting materials and physical restraints. The digitization of the conceptual portion of my process has also allowed me to explore more complex ideas of color and light through material and form by way of rendering software that takes into account real world materials and global lighting. This has allowed me a window to more complex and varied creative possibilities and outcomes which I explore through 3d printing, mold making and experimentation with casting of various materials to achieve complex surfaces, translucencies and color.

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Visitors can inquire about pricing and availability of my work through email at williamtouhey@gmail.com

Contact Information
Website: https://www.williamtouhey.com/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/williamontheinternet/
Email: williamtouhey@gmail.com

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William Touhey
Address: 5215 S Moonstar Trail, Tucson, Arizona, 85746, [ Map it! ]