Will Whitehouse

Mixed Media 2D & 3DPainting

About the Artist

I was born in Hobart, Australia, in 1981. In 2007 I graduated from the university of Tasmania with a BFA in painting and drawing. I then moved to Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, where I lived until 2016, when I moved to Tucson with my wife, a Tucson native, who I met in Vietnam. I’ve been drawing and painting and making art since I was a kid.

Pronouns: He him

Will Whitehouse
Photo credit: Me and my baby girl, Zoe

About the Process

Since our daughter, Zoe, was born in January 2020, I have been given new parameters within which to work artistically. My studio used to be in my shed and my main medium was oil. My studio is now, for the time being, located in the kitchen and “folds up” and out of reach while Zoe is on the prowl. I now work mainly in acrylic, collage and mixed media, and tend to work on a small scale.

Over the last few years my figurative paintings have gradually become more expressive and less representational, and now I have dropped the figure completely and my work is purely abstract. It’s challenging and exciting to see how different colors, shapes and textures work together. The decision to place one thing next to another instead of something else can move a work in an unexpected direction. Not knowing where a collage is going is what keeps it alive and interesting for me.

I used to find that I could only work relatively largely and couldn’t get excited by small works but my perspective has shifted. Small works bring an intimacy to the creative process and demand an intimacy with the viewer.

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Interested in Purchasing?
Pricing Information: Less than $150, $151 to $500

For purchase, please contact me through email at wdwhitehouse@gmail.com. You may also purchase works directly during the open studio tour at Studio Gastelum!

Contact Information
Website: https://www.willwhitehouse.com
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/willwhitehouseart
Phone: (520) 373-7577
Email: wdwhitehouse@gmail.com

Studio Information
Studio Gastelum
Address: 5085 N. Valley View Rd., Tucson, Arizona, 85718, [ Map it! ]
Studio Phone: (520) 631-1133