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About the Artist

My passion is to make pots which transcend themselves, which remind us of the smell of fresh rain, a forgotten melody, the colour of twilight. . .To make pots which become more than themselves.
And when I create such a pot, I bow to the kiln and say “thank you”

Artist’s Bio

Maxine Krasnow, a native New Yorker, has been making pots for over 30 years. She has studied with Makoto Yabe, Jim Makins, Ken Fergusen, Clary Ilian, Rob Forbes and her beloved mentor, Byron Temple.

Pronouns: they

Tucson Clay Co-op Studio, School & Gallery
Photo credit: Maxine Krasnow

About the Process

For the last five years, I have been firing my work in a Bruce Bower wood kiln. I stoke the kiln for 5 hours, with 100 running feet of wood that has been soaked for at least five days in a super saturated solution of soda ash and baking soda.

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Contact & Purchase Information

Interested in Purchasing?
Pricing Information: Less than $150

My work can be purchased at the Outdoor Gallery at the Tucson Clay Co-op, 3326 North Dodge Boulevard or on our online store, www.tucsonclayco-op.com

Contact Information
Website: https://www.tucsonclayco-op.
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/tucsonclaycoop
Phone: (917) 705-3803
Email: tucsonclaycoop@yahoo.com

Studio Information
Tucson Clay Co-op Studio, School & Gallery
Address: 3326 North Dodge Boulevard, Tucson, Arizona, 85716, [ Map it! ]
Studio Website: https://www.tucsonclayco-op.com
Studio Phone: (917) 705-3803