Rickey Bush


About the Artist

Pronouns: sketch71

Rickey Bush
Photo credit: ALLEN BUSH

About the Process

The process behind most my project starts a sketch concept(drawing/photo shop), The idea is to bring a unique spirit as well as making a difference though the power of art, witch builds community support, loyalty, and goodwill. I just feel like designs should speak for itself. It could be night life, the energy of the city, or iconic symbols that represent our community. The image/design should tell a story or read a emotional connection to you and the community.

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Pricing Information: Over $1001

The best way to purchase my products is to visit my facebook page and click shop. Visit @sketch71 facebook shop

Contact Information
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/sketch71
Phone: (520) 328-4943
Email: net.desertsno@gmail.com

Studio Information
Rickey Bush
Address: 211 East Delano St, A, Tucson, Arizona, 85745, [ Map it! ]