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About the Artist

Born and raised in Tucson, Michael Richardson is an abstract, mixed-media artist. Michael grew up playing guitar, writing songs and composing experimental music. His recent unanticipated compulsion for abstract art has helped strengthen his appreciation for the creative process.
“Art for me, is incredibly personal. Quality time with myself, total freedom. Meaningful abstract art is liberating. I can explore my mind and emotions, test and invent my own techniques. These days, I’m obsessed with painting and my intention is to share that joy and inspiration with others.”
Michael’s interest with mixed media art began the day he rediscovered an unsharpened, blue watercolor pencil given to him by his artist friend Silvia. One night while sitting at the kitchen table, Michael began to experiment, drawing with the watercolor pencil. He added different amounts of water to the paper and drawings which created different wash type effects. Michael’s fascination for color, experimentation and balance, suddenly became his new passion. After a few months of investigating on his own, he decided to sign up for a Monotype Printing, Drawing and Pastels class at The Drawing Studio, here in Tucson.

Pronouns: He/Him

Michael Richardson
Photo credit: Michael Richardson

About the Process

I enjoy working with acrylic paint, india ink, and watercolor pencils. I prefer to draw and paint on watercolor paper, encouraging interactions between the pigment and water on the paper. Choosing colors, brushes and pencils intuitively, I usually begin with an underpainting or begin by spontaneous mark making. I like to use bright colors, bold marks and rhythmic gestures. Sometimes I’ll draw and paint geometric shapes, embedded like gems into my compositions. I like to use found objects, or combine and rearrange the order of steps in my creative process. I might experiment with a particular idea or try a new approach, such as experimenting with different ways to apply paint. I’ve even experimented painting with a wine cork and bent paperclips, stamping unique shapes into my creations. Taking the time to disconnect from the ‘outside’ world, while being mindful of thoughts and feelings is extremely therapeutic and restorative.

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Contact Information
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/michaelrichardson777/
Phone: (520) 780-4823
Email: disappearingtrailheads@gmail.com

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On Time Studios
Address: Tucson, Arizona 85712 [ Map it! ]
Studio Phone: (520) 780-4823