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I am a Tucson based artist with a fascination with the natural world and how humans, geometry and numbers are integrated into the world we see and experience everyday.
My work is typically done on wood panels with pen and ink. Each piece is unique in its own way with a strong presence of nature, mathematics and geometry.
We can find numbers and geometry in almost anything-from animal coat patterns, music, our bodies and even the ways in which the planets and moons orbit each other.
I am inspired to create artwork using geometric & natural patterns, numbers and symbolism to represent everyday ideas, emotions or life events because it is a universal language that can be found in every known science & culture.
When I am not creating artwork, I am also a performing aerial artist and enjoy spending my time high up in the air!

Mica Brinson
Photo credit: Karel Moonen

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Pricing Information: $151 to $500

To inquire about purchasing artwork or to see current available pieces feel free to email me, or check out my artist website.

Contact Information
Website: https://sites.google.com/view/mica-brinson-art/home
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/micabrinson/
Email: mica.brinson@gmail.com

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Address: , , Arizona, , [ Map it! ]