Martha Retallick


About the Artist

While I was in high school, I made a discovery that would change my artistic life. Simply put, I just wasn’t good at drawing or painting. Sculpture? Forget it. Ceramics? Meh. Printmaking? Nope.

Photography? Well, that was a different story. I felt like I was born to do it. In photography class, I was introduced to professional-grade cameras.

What a difference! Through the viewfinder, I could see what the lens was focused on – and my skills took a giant leap forward. I moved beyond the mere act of taking photos – and hoping they turned out the way I wanted – to designing photos.

Since high school, my photographic journey has taken me on bicycle adventures through all 50 states, Tucson events that range from car shows to concerts, and my own back yard.

How would I describe my style? When I’m photographing people, I prefer to get shots of them in action, rather than having them pose for a portrait. I especially enjoy combining the mix of raw physical labor and artistry of humans and machines in motion. Just call it storytelling in pictures.

With nature, I aim for surprise and delight, like doves nesting on an electric panel box or feathery senna blossoms in rain.

Martha Retallick
Photo credit: Michael Campbell

About the Process

Although I come from a family of artists, musicians, and writers, I was raised by a very practical schoolteacher mother and a father who was a chemical engineering researcher. What does this background have to do with my photographic process? Everything!

Photography requires technical know-how and attention to detail that come directly from Dad’s work in the lab. And Mom? She combined her practicality with keen powers of observation.

Mom was forever urging me to watch the birds on the feeder, feel the icy winter winds that came roaring out of Canada and through our Pennsylvania woods, and stop and listen, really listen, to whatever classical music recording she had chosen for our evening enjoyment.

They’re both gone now. But when I pick up the camera, I’m conscious of the surprise and delight that my mother was forever pointing out to me. That’s what I seek to capture. And I’m using Dad’s emphasis on process to get the technical details right.

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Studio Phone: (520) 690-1888