Featured Artist

Lisa Agababian

South of Grant, November 9 & 10, 2019 | 10am-5pm

Artist Bio

Although my fascination with clay started at a very early age, it was decades later that this medium proved to be a lifesaver for me as well. Today, my ”Ceramic heART Wall Sculptures” are colorful expressions of my authentic, raw, naked, vulnerable… strength, as I experience this fabulous, wondrous, and sometimes very scary, and painful, precious, human life. Although I continue to create fine, functional, whimsical wares, my Ceramic Heart Wall Sculptures give a true voice to the whole spectrum of being human and shine with more than a modicum of timelessness and humor as well.

Description of Medium

My original, one-of-a-kind wares and Ceramic Heart Wall Sculpture are all hand-formed and hand-painted, by me, with low fire colorful glazes, which add to their uniqueness. Although I repeat designs for smaller Ceramic Heart Wall Hangings, all are hand-created and are not duplicated like a bronze sculpture. Most of my ceramic ART must go thru at least two firings, which reach close to 2000º degrees inside my kilns, and sometimes a third or a fourth firing is required when embellishing at lower temps.


Activities Offered

Artist Meet and Greet / Q&A, Art for Sale, Refreshments, Live Demonstrations, Hands-on Art Activities for Guests, Other

Possible kiln loading/unloading.

Getting There