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About the Artist

Linda Mann is an author, photographer, and artist. She grew up in the South enjoying the mild weather and lots of time outdoor. Art was always an important part of her life but she choose a different career. She retired after long career in health care research in the Washington DC area and began to pursue art full time. She travel extensively, taking thousands of photographs. About ten years ago she settled in Tucson and continued art classes. Her art work honors the diversity and natural beauty of the Southwest, specially the Sonoran Desert. Her favorite subjects are the desert flowers, animals and Native people. “I hope to share the beauty of the Southwest with everyone so they can also appreciate the uniqueness of this area.” Linda donates a portion of all art sales to wildlife organizations and horse and donkey rescue groups.

Pronouns: she/her

Linda Mann
Photo credit: Linda Mann

About the Process

Linda uses her extensive photo collection of animals, flowers, landscapes and more as references for paintings and drawings. She paints in her home studio with National Public Radio as her companion. Sometimes she is also joined by one of her much-loved cats. Linda explains, “I paint on a variety of surfaces, usually linen or Gessoed boards. I prefer Gamblin oil paints from Portland, Oregon, because the company strives to reduce the toxicity of their products for both the artists and the environment. I paint very slowly, sometimes taking one to two months or more to complete a painting. My goal each day is to paint for at least two hours and I meet or exceed it more days than not. I find creating art work to be restful and contemplative.

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I have a variety of art work available for purchase: original drawings and paintings, prints, glicees and even note cards. You can see more of my work on my website, and you can make purchases, with PayPal, directly from the website. If you prefer, you can contact me by Email, or by cell 301 807 5996 with any questions and we can discuss your choices and payment. All shipping and deliver costs, in the Tucson area, are included in the purchase price.

Contact Information
Phone: (301) 807-5996

Studio Information
Act Two Linda Mann Fine Art
Address: 7050 E Sunrise Dr., Tucson, Arizona, 85750, [ Map it! ]
Studio Phone: (301) 807-5996