Lex Gjurasic

Mixed Media 2D & 3DPaintingSculpture

About the Artist

Lex Gjurasic is a visual artist originally from rain soaked Seattle, WA currently living in dusty Tucson, AZ. She has exhibited her work nationally for over 20 years most notably in 2009 as a featured artist in the exhibition Kokeshi: Folk Art to Art Toy at the Japanese American National Museum in Los Angeles, CA. In 2017 her video was made part of the permanent collection at the Getty Institute as part of Miranda July’s Joanie4Jackie archive. Recently she has delved into Public Art completing a mural with the City of Tucson’s Downtown Murals Project as well as a temporary immersive exhibition at the Scottsdale Public Library with Scottsdale Public Art. Much beloved in Tucson she was nominated in 2018 for Best Visual Artist with The Tucson Weekly.

Pronouns: she/her

Lex Gjurasic
Photo credit: Lex Gjurasic

About the Process

Life pumps through me so intensely that the only way I can process it is by making art. My work comes from the intensity I feel from being alive. For me, life is not inspiration for art it is a compulsion to make art. As a child my grandmother said to me “You are just like me, you take a bite out of life.” But I don’t just want to bite life, I want to smash it and rub it on my face! I approach my materials in much the same intense way I experience life by never restricting how I work or what I work with. I work purely from a gut instinct. Whether it be found objects, unconventional materials or traditional materials my work is a visceral expression of life. Making art is my way of processing memories, emotions and experiences in a chaotic world.

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Contact Information
Website: http://www.lexgjurasic.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Lex.Gjurasic.Studio
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/lexgjurasic/
Phone: (505) 604-1348
Email: gjurasicpark@gmail.com

Studio Information
Gjurasic Park
Address: 3403 East Pima St., Tucson, Arizona, 85716, [ Map it! ]