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Originally from Manhattan, New York, Ken lived for several decades around the U.S. and Western Europe, always pursuing his writing and painting interests.  He now lives in the Southwestern U.S. that he refers to as, “A magic land of radiant light.”

One Los Angeles Weekly art critic noted about Ken’s paintings, “This art continually displays a vital interplay of simplified lines interwoven in vibrant complementary colors.  These combinations often create an emotional energy that deftly impacts viewers.”

Ken’s preferred artistic focus shifts mainly – but not only – between abstract and expressionistic imagery.  In one interview, he stated, “Painting more than writing centers me as a person, and that keeps me awake to vital elements surrounding me.  In my studio, by minimizing daily distractions, at the best of times I capture the gifts of visual energy that depict love or anger, serenity or courage, compassion and freedom, most often with hope for all people.  I cannot think of a better way to share living experiences.”

Ken Tesoriere
Photo credit: M.E.Palmeri

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