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About the Artist

I took my first photos at age 7… my parents had good intuition! I’m mostly self-taught, though I took a graduate-level class at the University of New Mexico with a professor who was making black-and-white photos of golf course greens. I learned a lot about abstract photography there and came to love it. Composition is especially important to me… I don’t know any formal rules; I’ve learned by looking at photos and paintings. By now I have some 80,000 photos (and have thrown away several times that many… I spend a lot of time looking at photos, picking the very best, and tossing the rest). Although I mostly shoot digital color now, black and white is my favorite because it emphasizes shape, texture and light. The photographer who’s influenced me most is Harry Callahan; I can’t get enough of his simple, elegant and mysterious compositions. People ask what kinds of things I photograph… my answer is “anything that interests me”… though, if I had to choose, I’d say modern architecture. I’ve taken hundreds of photos for The Tucson Murals Project blog, which is still going strong after almost 15 years.

Pronouns: he/his

Jerry Peek
Photo credit: David Mountain

About the Process

I use free software. For instance, instead of paying monthly for Photoshop, I use the free and powerful GIMP editor. I designed a numbering and storage system that makes it easy to find any of my 80,000 photos within a minute or two. (I won’t bore you with details, but please feel free to ask.) If I edit a photo, I keep both the original and the edited version(s) along with notes about what I did; that makes it easy to tweak or re-do editing anytime in the future. With some photos (like Mitten Glow) I’ll try random editor features and see if I like the effect. (GIMP has hundreds of controls, and any programmer can add more. I also use other editors if I want one of their features.) Otherwise, I work to make the photo as realistic as I can… I usually don’t do things like making colors unrealistically bright, as many photographers do these days. I sometimes spend hours editing a photo — especially ones from film, which can have little imperfections like dust spots and grain. I often change perspective (whether straight lines come together or bend away). I’m always amazed at how tiny changes in the dimensions of a photo can make or break the composition.

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