Jeff Smith


About the Artist

I have lived in Arizona for most of my life. Inspired by my father, I picked up my first camera at the age of five and have yet to put one down. I have pursued lightning landscapes in the Sonoran desert for the last 30 years. Additionally I’m known for photographing people and bringing their stories to life as well as, photographing large natural history specimens from our past. I love to collaborate with fellow artists and clients artistically and commercially on both local and international projects.

Jeff Smith
Photo credit: Self/© Jeff Smith 2021

About the Process

I started photographing lightning almost 30 years ago.I was mainly interested in getting to “the place” to shoot “the photo.” I began to shoot from the safety of my truck because I was getting incredibly close to the bolts. I realized that the view from the truck was a simple and valid and recognizable viewpoint.
Often when going on a shoot I’m trying to get close enough so that I can photograph large bolts but not be in danger. But when photographing nature you can’t be in control, you have to be willing and flexible to partner with randomness. Each storm builds differently. Sometimes the storm is on top of you and other times you never get to it. I began noticing that some of the most interesting imagery happens on the way to the storm, and since I’ve always been attracted to motion blurs I started photographing while driving, first using a cable release and window mount for the camera and later on with a lightning trigger. Now I have other secrets.
Riding with lightning I feel incredibly focused. My peripheral vision widens to the view of the lens. I think in f-stops and shutter speeds and am completely in the moment. While others sleep,I enjoy the sparseness of the road.

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Open Studio 11th and 12th December hours 12 noon until 4:30 PM I will have two portfolios of older work that I can show you if you're interested. I will have some proof prints of this year's work for you to view and depending on the timeline will be able to print for you before the holidays if desired. My photographic prints are limited editions, their will be older large framed available prints at my studio. new work will be print on demand once we determined the size you're interested in. You can view my over all work on my website: On my Instagram account it's mainly lightning clouds and moons You can also view available works of passed All Souls Procession’s and my All Souls Procession fundraiser: ,If you'd like a closer look, please contact me for a private studio visit. email:

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Phone: (520) 991-1010

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Jeff Smith
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Studio Phone: (520) 991-1010