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About the Artist

Jacqueline Chanda was born in Detroit, Michigan. Her parents moved to California in the 60s and it was during this time that her interest and excitement for the visual arts grew. After high school Chanda attended UCLA where she majored in painting and drawing. After finishing her degree, she went to Paris, France where she continued her art studies at the École Nationale Supérieure des Beaux Arts, the Académie de Port Royal and the Sorbonne University. At the Sorbonne she completed a MA in art education and a Ph.D. in Plastic Arts Theory and Aesthetics. Since focusing full time on her painting practice, Chanda has participated in residencies, local, national and international competitions and shows. She has won several awards: a 1st and 3nd place in two different national exhibitions, a 2nd place in a local show, a crystal merit award in an international exhibition, and two honorable mentions. She and her work have been featured in the Arizona Daily Star newspaper, the Sonoran Arts Network, art review, Lovin’ Life After 50 magazine, the Tubac Gallery guide, and the Tucson/Marana Daily News. In addition, she has appeared on PBS Television “Spot on the Arts” and KGUN 9 T.V.

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Jacqueline Chanda
Photo credit: Jacqueline Chanda

About the Process

I am a representational oil painter. I focus predominantly on figurative, genre and plein air paintings. My figurative work can be labeled portraits because they depict a single person. My genre paintings depict aspects of everyday life and portray ordinary people engaged in common activities like walking on the street, sitting in a park or in a cafe. My landscapes are from painting outdoors and so represent places I have visited. My figurative work may be done from life or from a photograph. If from life it is generally done alla prima or wet on wet. If done from a photograph, my approach is more indirect. I start with a rather detailed drawing, then do an underpainting followed by layers of paint applied loosely, scumbling and sometimes glazing. The genre paintings are done in the same way as the figurative work created from photographs. However, I often use either one or several photographs merged together. Inspiration for these paintings come from watching people during my travels and personal experiences. Some of these paintings may represent a specific scene or place or come from my imagination. Landscapes are done alla prima with final touches done in the studio.

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Pricing Information: $151 to $500

My work can be purchased in person using a credit card or cash. Or it can be purchased directly from my website through paypal. IN PERSON TOURS: DECEMBER 6th - 12th 10am to 4pm

Contact Information
Website: https://jacquelinechanda.com
Facebook: https://facebook.com/jacquelinechandaartist
Instagram: https://Instagram/chandaj140
Phone: (520) 265-2138
Email: chandaj140@gmail.com

Studio Information
Address: 7269 E. Camino Vecino, TUCSON, Arizona, 85715, [ Map it! ]
Studio Website: https://jacquelinechanda.com
Studio Phone: (520) 265-2138