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About the Artist

Irene V. Martinelli has spent a lifetime of creativity as a writer, clay artist, photographer, and now artist. She works in a variety of mediums including acrylics, watercolor, pastel and painted wood art.

She took her first pastel class at Georgia O’Keeffe’s Ghost Ranch under the tutelage of Anna Koster, former assistant to Georgia O’Keefe. She joined the Tucson Pastel Society, enrolling in art classes, experimenting with diverse mediums and techniques.

She exhibits locally including Taller Raices 222 Gallery, the Hive Gallery, Ironwood Gallery as well as Phoenix’s 2021 La Roche Faces of a Community.
Her pastel painting entitled Flea Market won the 2021 Canson Award of Excellence at the 86th Annual National Exhibition of the Cooperstown Art Association of NY.

Born in New York, Irene lived more than 40 years abroad, primarily in Italy and now resides in Tucson..

Pronouns: she/her

Irene V. Martinelli of Artfully Yours
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About the Process

Double sided wood Cross: images and

Supplies: Acrylic paint, gold flakes, flat wood squares 3,4,5″, 4″ round flat wood circle, 2″ and 1/2″ half rounds, Wood glue, stencils, acrylic skins, base

Step 1

Glue one edge of three of the 5” squares together to form a single straight row. To the right and left of the central square glue one 5” sq to each side forming a cross; paint.

Step 2

Glue four painted/stenciled 3” sqs to each corner of the cross’ center. Glue painted and stenciled 4” square on the inner edges of the 3” sqs. Top with a painted 4” flat round topped with a 2” round half ball. Place crushed gold flakes with glue around the 2” half round.

Step 3

Paint 12 1” round half balls; glue to the outside edges as well as edges of the central square corners.

Step 1

Paint the entire cross one color; in the central square, stencil a skull; add details around skull.

Step 2
Paint and stencil 4 4″ squares and glue to center with spaces. Add 1″ painted ball to each corner and in the spaces

Step 3
Insert/glue into base

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Contact & Purchase Information

Interested in Purchasing?
Pricing Information: Less than $150, $151 to $500

Should you wish to purchase one of my art pieces, the easiest method would be to either email me or call me and set up an appointment to come to the studio for an in person look see. I also have a small shop on Etsy called Irene's Artfully is a continual work in process. When you have made up your mind, can pay in cash or with PayPal. IN PERSON TOUR ON DECEMBER 11th 9am - 4pm

Contact Information
Phone: (410) 703-6473

Studio Information
Irene's Artfully Yours
Address: 5814 North Camino Esplendora, Tucson, Arizona, 85718, [ Map it! ]
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Studio Phone: (410) 703-6473