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About the Artist

The very long path to where I am today began as a child who dared to put red and pink together. “They don’t go together!”, “Oh, yes they do.”. Sixty-five plus years later, a lifetime as a photographer, a ceramist, a writer, I finally found what it is that I really want to do….create art. It’s all about color in my world. Bright, bold, eclectic. I’m working in diverse mediums, from pastel, to mixed media, to watercolor and most recently alcohol inks. Basically, whatever pleases me in that moment in time. My latest wish is to try gouache and to write a children’s picture book about the story of a family of giraffes. Time will tell!

Pronouns: She/Her

Irene V. Martinelli / Artfully Yours
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About the Process

It’s all about freedom. The freedom to do what the particular medium wants me to do. For example, when I use alcohol inks, it’s pretty much a battle between who is in charge, the ink or the inker. I don a mask, gloves, open a window and then select a suitable substrate. After sitting and staring at the paper I suddenly grab a selection of inks, get the 99% isopropyl alcohol at my side and gather a straw, an airbrush, and a hairdryer. Usually I have an idea of what it is I want to create but often with alcohol inks, that doesn’t always happen. There’s always room for a happy accident! That is why I like them…they are spontaneous and have a will of their own…just like me. I push that ink around with the use of the tools I have as well as shaking and tilting the paper. After at least 24 hours, I spray the piece with various solutions to prevent fading. Done.

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