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With his charming and expressive watercolors, artist Howard Kline reduces the complex and sometimes self-serious world of art to the simplest common denominator. A 1977 graduate of Montserrat College of Art, Kline’s uplifting paintings are inspired by his experiences as a musician, educator and lobster fisherman.

His paintings are alive in their vibrancy and ability to make a universal connection with the viewer. “I have a very rich background in all schools of art,” says Kline, who points out that seemingly casual expressionist works are built on a classical design structure. Howard comments on his collective works as Abstract Expressionism, bringing together the best of abstraction and the figure. “All of my art is full of color and emotion. My paintings are the day journals of my life. Expressionism. This is my story. I am the only one who can tell it. I am the only one who has lived it.”

Howard Kline
Photo credit: Howard Kline

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