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I can’t quite pinpoint the moment, but my burst of right brain activity definitely coincided with my arrival in Tucson in 2005. Landing in Tucson, after a lifetime spent in New York City, was like landing on Mars. I was immediately struck by the strange and spectacular desert landscape, and charmed by the genuine and straightforward Tucson locals. But I think my greatest influence has been the Mexican and Native American art and culture that is so much a part of the Old Pueblo. I love their traditional designs and vivid colors, and most of all, their broad, beautiful faces. I feel like I have a lifetime of inspiration to work with here in Tucson, and look forward, with much enthusiasm, to honoring this town and its people for years to come through my painting.

Prior to moving to Tucson, I was a video producer/writer for over 25 years. As a native of New York, art has always been a passion of mine, but more as an observer than a creator. There’s something in the air here that motivated me to finally put paint brush to paper.

Pronouns: She/Her

Geri Bringman
Photo credit: Anthony Bonanno

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Pricing Information: Less than $150, $151 to $500, $501 to $1000, Over $1001

I have original artwork on canvas, paper and wood for sale, along with giclee reproductions, laser prints and handmade cards. The best option right now is to visit my website: This site has the most up to date portfolio of my artwork. As a rule of thumb, my acrylic paintings are priced at $175 for a 12x12 canvas, up to $1,400 for a 48x60 canvas. If you are interested in purchasing, please email me at or call 917.930.6320. I can arrange for a safe and easy pick-up in Tucson, and I ship anywhere in the US, and will ship smaller pieces abroad. My work can be viewed live at Desert Artisans' Gallery in Tucson. I also have a very small presence on Facebook and Instagram.

Contact Information
Phone: (917) 930-6320

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Geri Bringman
Address: 5060 N Hillcrest Dr, Tucson, Arizona, 85704, [ Map it! ]
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Studio Phone: (917) 930-6320