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I have always been interested in abstraction and find that through non-representational form I am able to create external expressions of internal experiences. My work draws inspiration from a variety of traditions that, throughout time, have utilized archetypal forms and “power patterns” to record events and transmit significant information. Examples include ancient cave painting, Native American petroglyphs and Aboriginal art, whose rich use of iconic imagery was central to passing cultural stories and information along to future generations. I typically do not seek out direct translations of the ancient etchings and marks that intrigue me. Instead, I choose to bear witness to the power and resonance of the imagery itself. I see each form as a vessel of information: an encapsulation of human experience and a primal reminder of our need to communicate and create connection. I received an MFA in ceramics from the California College of the Arts, where I studied with Viola Frey. I have worked in cast bronze, mixed media on paper and clay. For me, the lively interplay of color, line and form is uplifting and fascinating, no matter the medium! www.ellencampbellart.com

Ellen Campbell
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Pricing Information: $151 to $500

Please visit my website: www.ellencampbellart.com Or contact me directly via email: elcam62@hotmail.com

Contact Information
Website: http://www.ellencampbellart.com/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ellencampbellart/
Email: elcam62@hotmail.com

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Address: , Tucson, Arizona, , [ Map it! ]
Studio Website: http://www.ellencampbellart.com/