Doreen E. Valenza


About the Artist

I was a Visual Merchandising professional, a curator of store exhibitions, a field in which I could express myself artistically. I was a “visual artist who arranges objects in space”. Worked as Visual Merchandising Director for The Museum Company (100 domestic & international stores), Bloomingdales NYC & NJ.
Education- BA Fine Arts degree Caldwell University, Caldwell, NJ Certified Art Teacher K-12, Fashion Institute of Technology (NYC), School of Visual Arts (NYC), Dark room photography, Prof David Horton, William Paterson University,NJ

Member of National Association of Women Artists (NAWA) NYC inducted into organization 2009.

2010 Elected to their Board of Directors serving as the VP of Exhibitions.  2012-13: President. 2014-19 Served as Chair for NAWA online exhibitions

In 2017, my husband & I relocated from New Jersey to Arizona.

Currently, my husband and I run an online optical business- Historic EyeWear Company, Keeping History in Sight® showcasing museum quality reproduction spectacles from the 1800s.

Visit my website to view my artworks and Girlfriend Goddesses®jewelry collection.
Doreen E. Valenza
Photo credit: Thomas Valenza

About the Process

I am a painter, photographer and jewelry maker. My paintings incorporate collage techniques. They are design puzzles with no preconceived plan. The work evolves layer-by-layer, piece-by-piece, all while trying to incorporate a strong composition utilizing elements of design and balance. I approach each work as a design problem with a solution. My works are combinations of cut painted paper on masonite & canvas. I enjoy the challenge of cutting the paper into pieces, painting them, working on the composition and finally gluing it all down. I work in series.My concentration has been a continuous exploration of several recurring series & the evolution of those series. All of the series continue to evolve and are in a perpetual and constant state of transformation. The revision and expansion of each concept continues to morph and excite me. They have evolved from simple designs into more complex variations exciting and inspiring me to advance the designs to the next level. Each series is linked to the other with similar recurring elements of design & symbolic meaning. The process is that of change with years of effort beneath the layers.

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Go to my online gallery website I have some current works as prints available and also a collection of my Girlfriend Goddesses® jewelry for sale. You can email me at Call me for an appointment to see works you would be interested in. I still have an NJ (973) exchange but live in Vail, AZ

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Phone: (973) 454-5138

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Address: Please call me for an appointment to visit my studio, Vail, Arizona, 85641, [ Map it! ]
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Studio Phone: (973) 454-5138