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About the Artist

As a child, vacations to the southwest had a major influence on me and later, my artworks. Throughout my life I was drawn to the desert. The desert was always unconsciously there, even my childhood dinnerware was the popular Franciscan pattern: "Desert Rose” which I use today! So after years of longing to be in the desert, in 2017 my dream came to a reality when my husband and I moved Arizona. I finally am home.
Artists that have inspired me are Matisse, Kandinsky, Gauguin, Modigliani, and my university art professors, Ugo Giannini, David Kwo and Sr. Gerardine Mueller,OP.
I do believe in an afterlife and feel spirit guidance. “My Ancestors are whispering in my ear and giving me positive energy and vibrations.
When involved in the art of creating a piece, “I am like an actor in the moment, so in character that at times I don’t know how I created the piece, or if I can ever again repeat the performance in exactly the same way.”
You can go to my website for more info about me and my works.

DE Valenza
Photo credit: Thomas Valenza

About the Process

 My inspiration and subject matter ranges from science fiction, ancient goddess, cave paintings, masks and worldwide indigenous peoples. My works incorporate collage techniques, combinations of cut painted paper, acrylic, gouache on masonite & canvas. I enjoy the challenge of cutting the paper into pieces, painting them, working on the composition and finally gluing it all down. They are design puzzles with no preconceived plan. The work evolves layer-by-layer, piece-by-piece, all while trying to incorporate a strong composition while utilizing elements of design and balance. I approach each work as a design problem with a solution.
My concentration has been an exploration of several recurring series & the evolution of those series. The series continue to evolve & are in a perpetual and constant state of transformation. 
The process is that of change with years of effort beneath the layers.

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