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Curtis Alan Kiwak
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When I sit down to do a drawing, I have no idea how it will turn out. I may look at something around the room and briefly sketch it or I may use a portion of something that I have drawn before. From a group of random forms and shapes I create a story. The story develops as I’m drawing. I like the detail that I can get in my work by using drawing media and mixing it with paint. I use charcoal, pencils, pastels, and water-based crayons with acrylic paints. A lot of my drawings include images of things that reflect my childhood fears. Some symbols get repeated often: animals, water, monsters’ and innocents’ figure in jeopardy. I am intrigued by how my imagination gets reflected on the page and how the work then takes on a life of its own. I graduated from the University of Arizona with my BFA in 1983. I joined Central Arts Collective that year and remained an active member until 1990. I took a 15-year hiatus from the art community and in 2007 returned to studio work. I now have been at the Hive Studio since 2014. I currently work with ball point and gel pens, pastels mixed with different paint mediums, pencils, charcoal, and paint on paper. They range from 32x40inches to 6×9 in.

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Best for visitors to directly contact me by phone, email or Facebook and Instagram on social media . I can then aarrange to answer any questions about visiting the studio or other questions. There are no public hours for The Hive studios. My website is also not set up for sales but you can see prices on what is currently posted there. My social media pages also reflect what is currently created and may not be on the website yet.

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Phone: (520) 971-1633

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The Hive/ Old Adobe Office Park
Address: 326 w 14th St Building A, Tucson, Arizona, 85711, [ Map it! ]
Studio Phone: (520) 971-1633