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Corina Richards is a graphic designer, illustrator and printmaker. She opened Macska Designs in Texas and relocated to Arizona. Her artwork focuses on 2D portraiture and stems from her Hungarian history.

​Hungary has always had a special place in Corina’s heart. Ever since her missionary residency in Hungary she longed to be back in the rich Hungarian culture. She came home to Texas and married her sweetheart who encouraged her to pursue the arts at the university level. Making and showcasing her art in Texas as an undergrad spurred interests in sharing art abroad. After completing her BFA at Texas A&M University-Commerce in Studio Arts and K-12 Art Education, Corina was selected to complete an artist residency in Budapest Hungary. She has continued exhibiting her work in Tucson and has a show opening Dec 1 downtown at El Be Boutique.

Corina’s love for the Hungarian culture and language inspired her to open Macska Designs. In Hungarian the word macska means cat and she loves the connection. As a cat-lover and quiet artist she creates art that reflects the idea of her works being made from home, with multiple layers, instinctual mark making and consistent attention to detail.

Pronouns: She/Her

Corina Richards | Macska Designs
Photo credit: Julie Franklin Photography

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