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About the Artist

I was born in Guadalajara Mexico in 1971. My mother, an American, met my father, in the city of my birth, studying at the Universidad de Guadalajara. Only married for a short while, my mother moved back to Tucson just around my first birthday and I grew up as an only child. I had endless time to myself and found I loved to draw. By college, I thought would get my degree in graphic design to have a practical career, but took a painting class and was hooked. I found painting the perfect way to express myself with whatever was going on in my life and was completely infatuated with the medium. At the same time, I became obsessed with reconnecting with my family and roots in Mexico and started painting about it. I have painted in every corner of my life, while living East Village, Brooklyn, Miami, and back in the Ol’ Pueblo. I am continually expanding myself and driven by the medium and it is my greatest passion besides my beautiful son. I seek to find a place of balance in my work, from my hand through the brush to the paint. I am relentless about a painting until it is done, just at that right moment when the work emanates that untenable result that I seek both in my art and life.

Pronouns: she/her/hers

Carolina Caples
Photo credit: Carolina Caples

About the Process

For my portraits I start with a photograph. I paint with oils on canvas mostly, but I love to paint on linen when I can. Digitally I also use a photograph for reference. For my more abstract work I only use what is going on inside my head. A feeling, a mood, energy. I do my best to not let the chatter in my head get in the way of painting and creating. That seems to be the biggest obstacle.

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Pricing Information: $151 to $500, $501 to $1000, Over $1001

Visit my website at or Instagram page calizca.paints to have a look at my art. Emailing me is the easiest way to contact me. I'm happy to respond to any questions about my art, pricing or commissions.

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Phone: (520) 977-0274

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Carolina Caples
Address: 1910 East 8th Street, Tucson, Arizona, 85719, [ Map it! ]