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Mixed Media 2D & 3DSculpture

About the Artist

Raised on a New Hampshire dairy farm, Bill Colligen spent his childhood attuned to the ebb and flow of country life. During abeyance from daily chores he was often found in Nature documenting his milieu. Bill and his family relocated to Arizona when he was a teenager and in 1966 he traded the charm of Arizona for the mystique of Los Angeles. Subsequent years saw Bill performing various unfulfilling jobs, but his dream of being an artist remained. In 1992 Bill returned to Arizona and within a few years he had discovered the medium for his creative vision; a humble gourd. He was almost 50 years old and felt that his life was just beginning. Bill has always enjoyed the natural world and gourds, albeit a unique canvas, represented the perfect union of art and Nature.

Bill Colligen Fine Art
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About the Process

Bill is a self-taught artist. His process begins not with an elaborately planned layout, but with one line (or dot) and an idea. Each exquisite detail that follows flows from his imagination. Its apparent Bill’s forte is detail; each piece is meticulously crafted with endless patience and skill. The result is a stunning work of art exhibiting beauty, balance and tranquility.

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At my home/studio where I will be participating in the in person open studio tour. IN PERSON TOURS FRIDAY DECEMBER 3rd - 4th 10am- 4pm

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