Barbara Peabody

North of Grant, November 2 & 3, 2019 | 10am-5pm

Artist Bio

I am a colorist: I love deep, intense colors and their relationships and the richness they can give to ordinary shapes and forms. I paint and draw everything from portraits and architecturally-inspired scenes to abstract and semi-abstract subjects, both imagined and real. I love to experiment and investigate new ideas and am always eager to try new images, styles, materials. Art is an unending search and an artist should never become complacent.

Description of Medium

Currently, I am working in heavy body acrylic on black canvas and digital photography. Previously, I have worked in oil, watercolor, black and white drawings and printmaking.


Activities Offered

Artist Meet and Greet / Q&A, Art for Sale, Refreshments, Live Demonstrations, No Activities

Getting There

Contact Information
Phone: (520) 408-5256