Zoom Virtual Studio Tours

The Zoom Virtual Studio Tours will help recreate the in-person studio tour experience for attendees. Our hope is that attendees will be able to tour your studio through the lens of your camera guided by you, the artist. If you have not used Zoom before, we recommend that you work with it a few times before your Virtual Studio Tour so you can familiarize yourself with the application. We also recommend that you use your phone for the Zoom Virtual Studio Tour as it will allow you to move around your studio and show your attendees what your studio is like however if that is not possible, a portable computer can also work. A suggested format is listed below but feel free to make it your own.

Zoom Guide



Suggested Virtual Studio Tour Format:

  1. Introduce yourself and give some background information about you and your artwork.
  2. Walk your attendees through the studio, showing and describing to them your workspaces, works-in-progress, tools, etc. The idea is to replicate the in-person studio tour through online video.
  3. Q&A. Allow your attendees to ask questions and provide them with more information about the work you do. This might also be an opportunity to do a small demonstration of your work.
  4. Thank everyone for attending and let them know how they can purchase artwork from you.